The Research of Sequential Images: Rebuilding of Gray (Position) ~ Time Function on Direction Lines and Their Applications

Qiang Lin*, Wei Li*
Bio-Medial Engineering Institute of Fuzhou University, Fujian Fuzhou, 350002, China

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Contrasted with other information carriers, such as speech and text, images contains larger amount of information, especially in sequential images, that is waiting to be exploited, in particular the dynamic information of correlation, difference, and temporal relationship between different frames. This dynamic information contributes a great deal in analysis of 4D images. This paper proposes a method for detecting dynamic information from sequential images, based on the rebuilding of their gray (position)~time function on direction lines, an approach that has been analyzed and studied extensively on the setting of various direction lines. This method is based on motion that is presented on sequential images. In particular, the method, Omni directional M-mode Echocardiography system, which we have studied extensively, will be described leading to a robust way of diagnosing heart diseases.

Keywords: Rebuilding gray (position) ~ time function, tracking moving object on any directional line, echocardiography, omnidirectional m-mode echocardiography system , motion information..